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  • New audio interview

    If you’re like me, you know there’s nothing worse than the sound of your own voice being played back to you. Nonetheless, I offer you this interview of me by Rick Hipson for his Dark Bites site. Put on your boots, pull up a cow pie, and try not to laugh too hard at the […]

  • After Obsession U.S. trade paperback

    Yesterday the FedEx man dropped off a big box for me. I tore into it and found a bunch of copies of the U.S. trade paperback edition of After Obsession, the young adult paranormal romance written with Carrie Jones. What do you think of the cover? (It looks my scan wasn’t all that straight.) The paperback […]

  • Library tour dates

    The Pioneer Library System tour takes a week off for Independence Day celebrations, but will pick up again on July 9. Here are the dates and the names of the great authors who’ll be with me. I hope to see you at one of the stops! July 9 — I’ll be part of a panel […]

  • KSBI TV interview

    Here’s a link to the video of an interview I did with KSBI TV on May 18. I sound like I just rode my horse from the crick runnin’ through the back 40. KSBI TV Oklahoma Live interview

  • School Library Journal review

    So, yeah, that little book I wrote with super-talented Carrie Jones got a very nice review today from one of the most prestigious reviewers so far. Yup, nobody babbling about how Carrie is in love with me, or whatever. haha Check this out: “Told in the alternating voices of Aimee (penned by Jones) and Alan […]

  • A couple of new reviews

    This is pretty cool. After Obsession earned a four blue-ribbon review at Romance Junkies. Here’s just a little taste of what reviewer Chris had to say: A young adult paranormal series just ripe for the horror-obsessed, aficionados of the creepy, angst-loving teenager in all of us, AFTER OBSESSION sets the stage for what could easily […]

  • A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!

    Typically at this time of year I do my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy thing where I give away some books. I’ve been trying to decide how to do the giveaway this year, and what to offer, and now look at it, we’re just eight days from Christmas! I thought I might do a random […]

  • December Already?

    So, all of November slipped by without a single blog update from me. Well, other than my Goodreads reviews. There hasn’t been much news on the writing front, so I just didn’t bother to post. There still isn’t much, but I felt like it was time for an update. After Obsession has been out for […]

  • Thoughts on Becoming a YA Author, Part 2

    Well, I knew it was inevitable, and it happened less than a week following After Obsession’s publication. Someone accused me of selling out. Selling out. Let’s think about what that means. I typically think of selling out as giving up your moral principles and simply doing something for monetary gain, or some other personal gain. […]

  • The Big Time

    As an author working in the small presses, I always had to do my own marketing, my own promotion, making contacts, sending books for review, setting up signings and providing books, then letting the bookstore take a cut of the sales. As a result, it was important to monitor the reviews of my books. Also, […]