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I have rebranded The Werewolf Saga. As originally intended, Shara is once again Volume One. Murdered by Human Wolves and Call to the Hunt are part of a spin-off series called Werewolf Saga: Apocrypha. Look for First Born, Volume 4 of The Werewolf Saga coming soon.

Nadia’s Children (MoonHowler Press, 2013)

The Werewolf Saga, Book 3

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

After centuries of waiting, the Alpha has arrived. Old Ones have returned to human form for the first time since before recorded history. The Pack is gathering.

Trusts are broken and dangerous new alliances are formed as Shara and Thomas try to keep control of the child believed to be the prophesied leader of the Pack..

It may be too late, though. The Pack is being called together and no one can resist the primal summons. The Pack must gather for an apocalyptic battle that will change things forever.

Ulrik (MoonHowler Press, 2013)

The Werewolf Saga, Book 2

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

Joey Woodman, the son of Shara and the first werewolf created through natural birth, has been kidnapped.

With Joey missing, Ulrik’s age-old enemy, Fenris, goes into action, stopping at nothing in his search for the one legend says will become Alpha.

War is brewing and the Pack is drawing together in opposing camps, but old memories, forbidden love, and treachery threaten to tip the scales against Ulrik and tear apart every alliance he has made over the centuries.

Shara (MoonHowler Press, 2013)

The Werewolf Saga, Volume 1

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

When a college professor offers Shara a Gift that will help her with her self-confidence, she accepts, but the Gift of Lycanthropy comes with new problems.

The Pack is gathering. There is something unique about Shara. Some want to kill her. Others say they have been waiting centuries for her.

Originally published by 3F Publishing, then Scrybe Press, the MoonHowler Press edition is the author’s preferred version.

Murdered by Human Wolves (MoonHowler Press, 2014)

The Werewolf Saga: Apocrypha, Volume 2

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

No one denies that 18-year-old Katherine Cross was murdered in 1917. Her gravestone in Konawa, Oklahoma, bears the epitaph “Murdered by human wolves.” This is her story, pieced together from the bits of fact left behind and held together with imagination and the information gleaned from a paranormal investigator.

This based-on-a-true-story account of the murder of Katherine Cross introduces readers to the world of author Steven E. Wedel’s Werewolf Saga and includes his essay “On the Trail of Werewolves: An Interview with Mary Franklin, Paranormal Researcher,” which details the findings of her research in the Konawa cemetery where Katherine is buried.

Call to the Hunt (MoonHowler Press, 2016)

The Werewolf Saga: Apocrypha, Volume 1

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

In this collection of short stories based on his acclaimed Werewolf Saga, author Steven E. Wedel reveals back story about some of the major characters in the series.

Who made the Old Ones and why? How did Ulrik come to be the first werewolf born in the New World? Was Shara destined to become a werewolf? These questions and more are answered in these stories.

This is s can’t-miss addition to The Werewolf Saga that fans of the series will want to add to their bookshelves.

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