A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!

Typically at this time of year I do my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy thing where I give away some books. I’ve been trying to decide how to do the giveaway this year, and what to offer, and now look at it, we’re just eight days from Christmas! I thought I might do a random drawing of fans of my Facebook fan page, but I can’t seem to pull up a list of people who have “liked” it, other than the list of people who are also my Facebook friends.

Another option could be subscribers to this blog, but there aren’t many of you. Yeah, I know, you’d have better odds, huh? Perhaps I could post something here asking for comments, then randomly choose a commenter to win. Any suggestions?

If I was to do a giveaway, what would you want to win? A hardcover of After Obsession? A trade paperback of the British edition of the same? A copy of one of The Werewolf Saga books? A complete set of The Werewolf Saga books? Or maybe Darkscapes or Seven Days in Benevolence? One of the last remaining copies of Little Graveyard on the Prairie?

11 responses to “A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!”

  1. I don’t know-so many good choices!

  2. So many awesome choices, How about all of the above? I’m an avid book collector and any of those would fit in my collection perfectly!

  3. I would love a complete set of your werewolf saga! I’m a broke college kid Weedel you know this! ❤ you!

  4. I just got “Little Graveyard ” off Amazon as an ebook! I’d love a hard copy~good reading, Mr. Wedel!

  5. After Obsession! Merry Christmas & happy new year Wildman

  6. Now this is

    1. Somehow my comment did not correctly go on >sorrysmileshahahaha , Steven Wedel is such a phenominal author ‘ how could I not want them all ?

  7. My comments are not coming out correctly & are only putting on parts of what I have typed in

  8. Little Graveyard on the Prairie please!

  9. I wouldn’t turn down a copy of After Obsession, should I be lucky.

  10. All are great choices, but of I had to choose, I’d like the Werewolf Saga, so I can re-read them all. 😀

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