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  • Christmas. Enid, OK. 1970s.

    Christmas. The end of the year. It’s time to look back and be nostalgic, right? Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. But I didn’t grow up in the late 1940s like he did. My childhood was the psychedelic and disco-infused decade of the 1970s. Enid, Oklahoma, didn’t have big department stores downtown with windows full of […]

  • Why buying for Dad is so difficult

    I’m two days away from my 47th Christmas and only have one gift left to buy. It’s for my dad. He’s going to get the same thing I’ve gotten him the last two years, something inexpensive, consumable … something that I know he’ll like, but maybe isn’t what he wants. How do I know? Because […]

  • Halloween in a Box

    Have you been to one of the Halloween superstores yet? Believe me, I have. They’re a great place to go, though I tend to only get a few pieces there each year. I prefer to put my costumes together myself to ensure I don’t encounter anyone else who is dressed just like me. That’s harder […]

  • Five Memorable Christmas Gifts

    As Christmas 2011 fades behind us, I thought I’d take a look back at the five GOOD gifts that stand out in my memory. We’ll leave out the bad ones for now. What are some of the gifts you remember most? These aren’t in any particular order. 1. The Big Wheel. I remember it being […]

  • A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!

    Typically at this time of year I do my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy thing where I give away some books. I’ve been trying to decide how to do the giveaway this year, and what to offer, and now look at it, we’re just eight days from Christmas! I thought I might do a random […]