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  • Tips for Writing an Effective Book Review

    Book reviews are more than just an ego boost for authors. Your review – whether it’s a full-on critique or simply a rating – helps future readers determine whether or not to give that author’s work a chance.

  • Review: On the Beach

    “I shouldn’t like to give too enthusiastic a review of this novel,” the reviewer said. “Oh darling, can’t you at least try?” his conscience pleaded. “Perhaps,” he answered, smiling. “But only after I’ve had another whiskey.” He paused as his sarcastic side muttered something into his beard. “What’s that, old boy?” the reviewer asked. “To […]

  • Review: The Violent Bear It Away

     What the heck did I just read? It’s been a long, long time since I finished a book with such thoroughly unlikable characters. There was absolutely nobody in this story that was likable. Not even a little. The writing itself is beautiful, and was the only thing that kept me slogging through the train wreck […]

  • Das ist gut!

    After Obsession, the young adult novel I wrote with Carrie Jones (released in the U.S. in Sept. 2011) is now available in German. I really like this cover! To mark the German-language release, Darkstars Fantasy News has published a brand new interview with me and Carrie. You can read it here. Or you can read […]

  • Review: The End of the Affair

    After having watched a good film adaptation of this novel several weeks ago, I had high hopes for the actual book. In places it lived up to those, but overall, just not so much. Knowing where Greene was going with the story made me impatient with the long buildup and non-linear format of the first […]

  • Review: Riddle-Master of Hed

    A long-time favorite, it had been at least 20 years since I’d traveled with Morgan from the farming island of Hed to see the High One in Erlenstar Mountain. This was one of those transformative books for me, a fantasy that made me think, made me want to look beyond the boundaries of what we […]

  • A couple of new reviews

    This is pretty cool. After Obsession earned a four blue-ribbon review at Romance Junkies. Here’s just a little taste of what reviewer Chris had to say: A young adult paranormal series just ripe for the horror-obsessed, aficionados of the creepy, angst-loving teenager in all of us, AFTER OBSESSION sets the stage for what could easily […]

  • Read an interview; Win an ARC

    My critique partner and long-time friend Gayleen Rabakukk has posted an interview with me and Carrie Jones over on her blog. Being an excellent journalist, Gayleen has done another good job. If you spread the word about her blog, where she’s always reviewing young adult literature, you can win the ARC of After Obsession I […]

  • New Little Graveyard Review

    Bookotron.com posted a very nice review of Little Graveyard on the Prairie yesterday. Here’s a bit from the review: Wedel is a skilled, understated writer, who takes a fairly simple premise and plays it out with class and intelligence. He also writes with great economy, so that you only have 55 pages of heartbreak to […]

  • Fear Zone reviews Little Graveyard on the Prairie

    Greg Lamberson just let me know that Fear Zone’s review of Little Graveyard on the Prairie went live. Reviewer Norman L. Rubenstein offers a very detailed review that doesn’t give away the twist of the story. Here’s a little snippet of the review to get you going: … the novella is compelling and wonderfully written, […]