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  • Who am I?

    Almost everything I know has changed since separating and then being divorced. One of the biggest issues I’ve been dealing with is depression, and that — and some of its causes — has led me to the belief that I no longer know who I am. The depression has roots and symptoms that I’m not […]

  • End of May

    I haven’t blogged just to blog in quite a while. So, as I’m sort of between projects and figuring out what to do with myself at the start of summer, I thought I’d do an update on my life. Because both you readers care, right? School’s Out for summer. It was an interesting year. Not […]

  • Where’d My Horror Go?

    So, I’m currently working on a short novel (maybe novella) called A Light Beyond. I left a Western novel called Badger’s Bend to work on this one. Before that I wrote another Western novel called Orphan. And before that was a realistic — or mainstream — novel called The Teacher. What do all these (so far unpublished) works have in […]

  • My Indie Publishing Rebirth

    Sometime back Facebook’s Timehop feature showed me I’d posted about how many words I’d written that day on a young adult novel called Afterlife. The original post was four years old. I reposted it with a caption about how the book still wasn’t sold. Harvey Stanbrough, the man who once accepted my novella Inheritance for […]

  • Therapy in 88,404 words

    So, yesterday was a good day. I finished the first draft of a novel tentatively titled The Teacher.  This is the first new novel I’ve completed in three years. Needless to say, finally getting over some issues that kept me from writing and actually finishing a new book felt really, really good. Back when After Obsession was […]

  • Scrivener Again

    The last time I wrote about this word processing program made especially for authors I’d imported an MS Word file for a book I was working on. I had an overall favorable opinion, but the newness of the program and the fact I’d begun in Word caused me to go back to the original program […]

  • Why horror?

    “Why do you write about ghosts and demons and werewolves and darkness?” This question comes up a lot. It’s been on my mind more than usual lately because of an incident at the school where a new teacher who was shown my classroom asked my daughter in front of her class if we worship the […]

  • Advice for Young Writers

    Some of the authors who’ll be with me on the tour of Pioneer Library System’s libraries this summer have experienced the dream for writers: Write your first book, have it accepted quickly by a major publisher and earn critical acclaim and commercial success instantly. I was asked to join in part because that is NOT […]

  • Werewolves on hiatus

    It was with much reluctance and sorrow that I sent a letter to the owner of Scrybe Press last week withdrawing all my titles from that company. I think the publisher is a nice guy. I don’t think there was any malicious intent on either side in the events that led up to the termination […]

  • Thoughts on Becoming a YA Author, Part 2

    Well, I knew it was inevitable, and it happened less than a week following After Obsession’s publication. Someone accused me of selling out. Selling out. Let’s think about what that means. I typically think of selling out as giving up your moral principles and simply doing something for monetary gain, or some other personal gain. […]