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  • Busy in June

    June has already started off to be a busy month. The biggest thing so far (besides buying a new car) was the release of Love Curse, my first solo young adult novel. I wrote this one soon after Carrie and I finished the book that became After Obsession. Her agent at the time had me […]

  • Little Graveyard for FREE

    Starting today, you can get my ghost story novella Little Graveyard on the Prairie for free on your Kindle or device with the Kindle app. This free promotion is good for three days, Feb. 15-18. Click here to take advantage. I would greatly appreciate it if you leave a review of the book after reading […]

  • The SHARA giveaway

    A couple of weeks ago I was in a local thrift store and, to my surprise, found a copy of the 3F Publications edition of Shara on a shelf of books. If I trust my former publisher, there were only about 200 copies of this edition printed, so it was kind of a shock to […]

  • A giveaway it is!

    Okay, so last week I talked about how I should do a giveaway. Responses were positive, so here it is. How shall we do it? We’ll take the KISS approach (keep it simple, sweetie). Respond here with a comment telling me which of my books you’d like to receive as a gift, and you could […]

  • A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!

    Typically at this time of year I do my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy thing where I give away some books. I’ve been trying to decide how to do the giveaway this year, and what to offer, and now look at it, we’re just eight days from Christmas! I thought I might do a random […]

  • Some book updates

    After Obsession is now available in the United Kingdom. Yay! And we’re just eight days away from the American release. Yay! (You can still pre-order the American hardcover.) The blog I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read posted an interview with me and Carrie. This was previously only available in the advance reading copies. As […]