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  • Busy in June

    June has already started off to be a busy month. The biggest thing so far (besides buying a new car) was the release of Love Curse, my first solo young adult novel. I wrote this one soon after Carrie and I finished the book that became After Obsession. Her agent at the time had me […]

  • Halloween Giveaway

    Today through Halloween you can get the Kindle edition of my short story collection Unholy Womb and my novella Murdered by Human Wolves absolutely free at Amazon. I would appreciate an honest review, but even that isn’t necessary. Unholy Womb has one review that is very negative. Considering how the lead story has been copied in multiple places […]

  • Inheritance update, plus more

    Stone Thread Publishing has my novella Inheritance up for pre-order on the Smashwords site. You can reserve your copy right here. It will be available through Amazon’s Kindle on the April 1 release date. Also, issues between Stone Thread and Apple have been resolved, so it will be available in that format, too. But I could […]

  • Free Ebook Short Story Collections

    This weekend only MoonHowler Press is offering my Kindle short story story collections for free through Amazon.com. This is in an effort to drum up some reviews and sort of launch the books. You don’t have to review to get the freebies. Nor do you have to have a Kindle; there’s an app for that […]

  • Another Gift of Lycanthropy

    As Nadia’s Children, the latest novel in The Werewolf Saga, nears release I’d like to give you, readers, the Gift of Lycanthropy to get you ready for this latest installment. To do that, I’m offering the Kindle e-book editions of both Shara and Ulrik absolutely free today and Monday.* Remember, this is the MoonHowler Press edition of each, which […]

  • A giveaway it is!

    Okay, so last week I talked about how I should do a giveaway. Responses were positive, so here it is. How shall we do it? We’ll take the KISS approach (keep it simple, sweetie). Respond here with a comment telling me which of my books you’d like to receive as a gift, and you could […]

  • A giveaway? I should do a giveaway!

    Typically at this time of year I do my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy thing where I give away some books. I’ve been trying to decide how to do the giveaway this year, and what to offer, and now look at it, we’re just eight days from Christmas! I thought I might do a random […]