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  • Das ist gut!

    After Obsession, the young adult novel I wrote with Carrie Jones (released in the U.S. in Sept. 2011) is now available in German. I really like this cover! To mark the German-language release, Darkstars Fantasy News has published a brand new interview with me and Carrie. You can read it here. Or you can read […]

  • Collaboration deal with Tor

    I can finally make this announcement! Carrie Jones and I have sold our second collaboration to Tor Teen. I’m very excited about his. Here’s the official announcement that appeared in Publisher’s Weekly today: Melissa Frain at Tor Teen has acquired two teen SF thrillers by Carrie Jones, as well as a YA horror novel that she […]

  • New audio interview

    If you’re like me, you know there’s nothing worse than the sound of your own voice being played back to you. Nonetheless, I offer you this interview of me by Rick Hipson for his Dark Bites site. Put on your boots, pull up a cow pie, and try not to laugh too hard at the […]

  • After Obsession U.S. trade paperback

    Yesterday the FedEx man dropped off a big box for me. I tore into it and found a bunch of copies of the U.S. trade paperback edition of After Obsession, the young adult paranormal romance written with Carrie Jones. What do you think of the cover? (It looks my scan wasn’t all that straight.) The paperback […]

  • School Library Journal review

    So, yeah, that little book I wrote with super-talented Carrie Jones got a very nice review today from one of the most prestigious reviewers so far. Yup, nobody babbling about how Carrie is in love with me, or whatever. haha Check this out: “Told in the alternating voices of Aimee (penned by Jones) and Alan […]

  • December Already?

    So, all of November slipped by without a single blog update from me. Well, other than my Goodreads reviews. There hasn’t been much news on the writing front, so I just didn’t bother to post. There still isn’t much, but I felt like it was time for an update. After Obsession has been out for […]

  • The Big Time

    As an author working in the small presses, I always had to do my own marketing, my own promotion, making contacts, sending books for review, setting up signings and providing books, then letting the bookstore take a cut of the sales. As a result, it was important to monitor the reviews of my books. Also, […]

  • Some book updates

    After Obsession is now available in the United Kingdom. Yay! And we’re just eight days away from the American release. Yay! (You can still pre-order the American hardcover.) The blog I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read posted an interview with me and Carrie. This was previously only available in the advance reading copies. As […]

  • Read an interview; Win an ARC

    My critique partner and long-time friend Gayleen Rabakukk has posted an interview with me and Carrie Jones over on her blog. Being an excellent journalist, Gayleen has done another good job. If you spread the word about her blog, where she’s always reviewing young adult literature, you can win the ARC of After Obsession I […]

  • After Obsession blog tour and giveaways

    I tell ya what, this working with a major publisher is A-OK with me. Bloomsbury sent out around 90 advance reader copies (ARCs) of the book to review bloggers, and those reviews are starting to show up online. I’m going to link to a few of them here, ‘cause I likes to share. The first […]