A couple of new reviews

This is pretty cool. After Obsession earned a four blue-ribbon review at Romance Junkies. Here’s just a little taste of what reviewer Chris had to say:

A young adult paranormal series just ripe for the horror-obsessed, aficionados of the creepy, angst-loving teenager in all of us, AFTER OBSESSION sets the stage for what could easily become an enslaving series.

A series? My goodness, wouldn’t that be nice? Do ya’ll wanna know what happens next with Amiee and Alan? No?

Here’s another recent review, this time from Sizzling Reads. The reviewer in this case was especially kind toward me. I promise I don’t know her, but would be glad to buy her a beverage if we ever meet. Here’s a little snippet:

The paranormal aspects were surprisingly entertaining. More than once I found myself completely lost and submerged in the eerie world of After Obsession.

There ya go. If you haven’t read it yet, why not? Carrie and I both have dependents, both human, canine, and feline to feed and keep warm. You can’t hold on to that Christmas money forever.

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