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  • Two Book Updates

    I’ve made a couple of updates to two of my books that have been available for a while. The first is God of Discord and Other Weird Tales, which until very recently was only available as a Kindle e-book. It has a slightly revamped cover and is available in print for the first time. Also, the […]

  • My Books Withdrawn from Permuted Press

    Well, that didn’t take long. Sorry, folks. My bad. Yes, it seems every time I get involved with a small press publisher things go into the crapper. 3F Publications? Gone. Scrybe Press? Gone. Graveside Tales? Gone. (Yes, the Web site is still there, but check the dates.) Stone Thread Press? Closed up shop just before […]

  • Final Word on Scrybe Press

    This will be the last time I talk about the entity that was Scrybe Press in any way other than to categorize my books as “the old Scrybe Press editions.” After my earlier public complaints, I’d just like to say that my issues with the company and its owner have been resolved. I won’t go […]

  • Asking for Boycott

    It is with great sadness that I bring this to you. However, after many attempts to resolve my problems with Nathan Barker and his Scrybe Press, I am asking that you boycott his other businesses and spread the word to your friends about his corrupt business practices. For years I have tried to get Nathan […]

  • KSBI TV interview

    Here’s a link to the video of an interview I did with KSBI TV on May 18. I sound like I just rode my horse from the crick runnin’ through the back 40. KSBI TV Oklahoma Live interview

  • Werewolves have new den

    Yesterday on Oklahoma Live, broadcast by KSBI TV, I announced who will take on publication of The Werewolf Saga. I’m very proud to say that the Saga’s new home is with Graveside Tales, and I’d like to thank Dale Murphy for adding my books to his excellent line-up. Some details are still being firmed up, […]

  • News on 3 fronts

    I finally have some new publication news. I guess I’ll list it chronologically, beginning with the one coming first. Little Graveyard on the Prairie will be available by May 31 as an audiobook, narrated by Ted Brooks, published through Audible.com’s ACX program. This will be my first audiobook, which would be exciting enough since I’ve […]

  • Advice for Young Writers

    Some of the authors who’ll be with me on the tour of Pioneer Library System’s libraries this summer have experienced the dream for writers: Write your first book, have it accepted quickly by a major publisher and earn critical acclaim and commercial success instantly. I was asked to join in part because that is NOT […]

  • Scyrbe Press update

    The Kindle edition of Murdered by Human Wolves is gone, and I’m told print publication of all The Werewolf Saga titles, as well as Seven Days in Benevolence, will end in about a week. After that, The Werewolf Saga will be pretty much unavailable, other than existing stock. Hopefully that’s a situation that won’t last […]

  • Werewolves on hiatus

    It was with much reluctance and sorrow that I sent a letter to the owner of Scrybe Press last week withdrawing all my titles from that company. I think the publisher is a nice guy. I don’t think there was any malicious intent on either side in the events that led up to the termination […]