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Shim and Shay’s Wish (MoonHowler Press, 2016)

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audio

Shim and Shay don’t like staying home alone while Mom and Dad go to work in the castle.

Then one day a gnome tells the children how the fairies gave him a bag of gold. The children set off to ask for a bag of gold of their own so Mom and Dad won’t have to work.

But there are dangers they never could have imagined waiting in the wide world outside their village, including a monster in the forest.

Songbird (MoonHowler Press, 2017)

Available in paperback, e-book, and audio.

Becca is the pride of her little village until the day the wicked Trolls come down from their mountain and steal her away. The Troll king loves Becca’s singing, so he takes her home and locks her into Fang Tower, where she has to sing for him whenever he wants.

Zander wanders the seas fighting pirates and looking for adventure. When he hears the sweet, sad voice of Becca floating down from Fang Tower, he knows he must rescue her.

The Troll king’s price for releasing Becca may be more than Zander is able to pay, but he sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to win the treasure the Troll king demands.

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