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11 responses to “Interact”

  1. Over the years I have found an extraordinary number of great writers; each one delivering an exciting and memorable story through the pages of their minds. With so many to chose from, I have to say, my favorite writers is Steven E. Wedel. America has a list of great writers and Steve should be on everyone’s list; because I live the manner in which he conveys his thoughts how a slight insight to his personalities shine through in his books. Most of all it is Steven E. Wedell and his book “Killed by Human Wolfs” that launched me into a addiction of reading anything I could grasp onto and turning my daily work into nothing more than the an necessary inconvenience to reading. Thank you Steve for this wonder gift that is reading.

    Gage’s Dad

  2. Steve Wedel …> We need you, man / The teaching industry is sorely pressed all over the place.-. We need your experience and voice to inform the public – about the many, many school districts all across the nation which are now on the verge of becoming obsolete and underfunded daycare centers for unwanted children.

  3. Thank you, Steven, for crying out frustrations for all of us who are, or who have (I’m retired after 40 years teaching) worked with, and loved America’s children. Your’s is a heart wrenching assessment of public education in this country. How easy it is for people to mouth “I love kids”, while practicing behaviors that throw them to the wolves. Our “adults” must grow up. We can, and must, do better. What we’re witnessing is child abuse at the lowest and highest levels. It makes me want to cry at least, strike out at best. Cheers to you.

  4. My heart hurts knowing that All you stated is true.
    I’m a Grandmother of 7 and having my kids in public schools is a growing concern. I want them to grow up loving their Teachers and school. I don’t see that coming. Along with our teachers we have become a disposable nation. Me saying this because we throw our kids in preschool as soon as 4yr old. We blame the Teachers for Our shortcomings. When our Teachers can’t do their job we throw drugs to Our kids hoping we won’t get that phone call for a unruly kid.
    We pay Nothing to the people to take care of Our loved ones. And we complain that the preschool, school and nursing homes are doing NOTHING! See, disposable society.
    It’s Shameful!
    I don’t follow politics and I should. I thought we voted in the casinos and lottery so that some of each dollar would go towards education. Where is that money?
    I have many friends that are Teachers. And I can honestly says it takes a Special person to put up with Students that parents screw up!
    I know you felt a calling to help mold those little minds, and I applaud your efforts. I can only say that my heart hurts for All the teachers that are let down for their calling. It is the same calling as a Police officer, firefighter or EMT. A helping heart and mind.
    Good luck in you future Sir.

  5. On your website, here, under “My Amazon Store” you have “Click here to by my books”, but you mean “buy” not “by”. Fix that! It doesn’t look good for an English teacher to have such an obvious typo, man! I LOVED your open letter. Finding it online on some other news agent, brought me to your website…where I saw that typo. Signed, A Fellow, English person (MA in Prof Wtg, granted by the English Dept) of my local Uni. Originally from Wyoming, but trapped for now in Massachusetts, where conditions are not much better in many areas. Idiot politicians abound.

    1. Internet troll,

      You should read the spelling errors on your last appeal. Proofread before submitting, Linda.

      Your favorite relative

  6. You give the legislators in your state far too much credit.

  7. Let’s talk. Tower Gardens are a growing system to grow fruits and vegetables year round, indoors or outdoors. Great educational tool for science class. Great way to grow food for the cafeteria, send food home with kids, feed kids in the classroom, sell produce and sell Tower Gardens to raise money for the school. Look up, google Steve Ritz Ted Talks, Steve Ritz Green Bronx Machine. Steve Ritz Tower Garden. Look up How to grow HUGE produce Fast with a Tower Garden (Chris Wark) I joined with Mark Perez from Denver CO in the Tower Garden business.. Mark has a Master’s in nutrition. We are grant writers. I am a grant writer. We can find the money to put Tower Gardens in your school. Go to my website, lindalourushing.towergarden.com and click on learn more, watch the animated video, how it works, watch the 4 week time lapse. Watch boys and girls club, watch rooftop gardens. Let’s talk ASAP, Linda, 787-8822 (answering machine). Please leave a message, if I’m not home..

  8. I just read your education letter provided by my neighbor. Everything I ever wanted to say about OK school districts was written by you . I came from Texas where I had structure, good pay, and resources to OK . I was blown away by having no resources, using my own money to pay for school supplies. Should I really have to by my own copy paper? I am stretched so thin that I often consider finding a different perfession and it’s sad because I’m good at what I do . I get jealous of my husband because he is off from work at 5 and he’s done . Oh me, well I’m off at 3:30 and head to tutoring jobs because I make over 18,000 dollars less than I did in Texas and tutoring helps pay for the school supplies I don’t have working in a low income school. Then, I continue to work at home and ignore my husband and my own health so I can make sure the RSA paperwork is turned in or the many data sheets are included or learn the curriculum that that they spent thousands on just to get rid of it the next year..aka common core, core knowledge, ED plan, SEAS, Great Expectations and many more. I often dream of us moving so that I can love teaching again . Thank you for being bold enough to write your letter.

  9. You have been an inspiration to me for years now. As an author and as a teacher. I should’ve paid more attentive attention in your class looking back. I love your books and you’re an amazing educator. Thank you for being there for so many people in your life. Students and Co-Workers alike. No matter how many mistakes a person makes, they will always deserve the human decency that you give to everyone around you. It is all because of you I started pursuing a career in writing. Thank you for listening to my problems and being the only adult in my life to actually care about me when no one else had. You saved me with an empty tan journal. I will forever be thankful.

    – Your Former Student WHHS

    1. I am in awe of YOU! You have faced the dark night of the soul and emerged from the cave as a stronger person. Thank you for letting me be a mentor along your journey.

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