Thank you for visiting my little home on the web. I try to keep things updated around here, but as in my physical home, you’re likely to find some dust (but no dog hair!).

I’m in the process of updating all my book links to what are called “universal book links.” If you click on these, you’ll be shown many choices for purchasing my books. Once you choose a store, you have the option of making that your home store and will be taken there directly for any of my other universal book links.

I’m also adding links where you can buy e-books at a 15 percent discount directly from me. (That means I get to keep more of the money.) You’ll also find merchandise, and soon you can buy paperbacks and even collectible books directly from me through Gumroad. But loading everything there is kinda tedious and I’d rather be writing, so it’s taking me a while. If there’s something you want, let me know!

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