Little Graveyard for FREE

lgotpStarting today, you can get my ghost story novella Little Graveyard on the Prairie for free on your Kindle or device with the Kindle app. This free promotion is good for three days, Feb. 15-18. Click here to take advantage.

I would greatly appreciate it if you leave a review of the book after reading it. Books need at least 25 reviews before Amazon will start recommending them to readers.

Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.

Harley Shaw’s life is falling apart around him. His best pasture is ruined. His cattle are gone. His wife is gone. His daughter is gone. His sanity is slipping away, and there may be dead people taunting him.

The farm in the story is based on my paternal grandparents’ farm. My grandpa developed Alzheimer’s, and having that is probably my biggest fear. Even more than birds.

One response to “Little Graveyard for FREE”

  1. Wow, what an eye opener. You are right our people in office come around when they need our vote, however when that is over, they don’t even know you exist. This is sad. I come from a different generation where we were taught to respect our peers. Yes sir, no sir, thank you. Our children are grown and still show respect. I feel sorry for the up coming generations, they will become the new leaders.

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