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  • Open Letter to My Students, Past, Present, Future

    I suppose every teacher faces the question, “Why do we have to learn this stuff?” Lord knows I asked it enough when it came to math. I get it a few times each year in my English classes, especially regarding the literature we read. I’d like to answer the question here. History, science, and yes, […]

  • Some book updates

    After Obsession is now available in the United Kingdom. Yay! And we’re just eight days away from the American release. Yay! (You can still pre-order the American hardcover.) The blog I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read posted an interview with me and Carrie. This was previously only available in the advance reading copies. As […]

  • Bullies

    Several months ago I was asked by Carrie Jones to write an essay for an anthology she was editing with Megan Kelly Hall. The book was to be a collection of essays by authors discussing bullies. I thought it was a nice gesture for Carrie to invite me to submit, and I kind of felt […]