Tag: short stories

  • Busy in June

    June has already started off to be a busy month. The biggest thing so far (besides buying a new car) was the release of Love Curse, my first solo young adult novel. I wrote this one soon after Carrie and I finished the book that became After Obsession. Her agent at the time had me […]

  • Halloween stories

    It was this time of year, but a long time ago. It was 1983, to be exact. I was in Evans Drug Store on West Willow in Enid with my friend Ron Simmons. Ron was off looking at something and I was browsing the limited selection of books when I came across this little paperback […]

  • Odds & Ends & Recapping

    What a weekend! Since I’m teaching summer school, and it’s only four half-days, my weekend starts Thursday afternoon, by the way. It was on Thursday that I began a new story after reading the guidelines on the Web’s snarkiest message board. The pay for this zombie anthology isn’t much — certainly not pro rates — […]