The SHARA giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I was in a local thrift store and, to my surprise, found a copy of the 3F Publications edition of Shara on a shelf of books. If I trust my former publisher, there were only about 200 copies of this edition printed, so it was kind of a shock to find a copy. Only recently I’d trunked my one remaining brand new copy and ordered another from an online used book dealer to keep with the copies of my work I refer back to when continuing a story. Well, now I have my trunked copy, plus two more, one of which is extra.

Do you want it?

Here’s the deal. I’m going to use a random number generator to choose the recipient. In order to be considered, you have to sign up to follow my blog. When I get 100 confirmed followers, I’ll choose a winner. Look to the right here for a place to enter your e-mail address, or, if you’re a WordPress user, the FOLLOW button is located above, in your toolbar.

Wait! You say there are already over 200 followers? Well, sort of. You see, WordPress sends a confirmation e-mail to people who sign up to follow. They aren’t confirmed followers until they hit that confirmation link in their e-mail message. So, be sure to check your messages and confirm.

Good luck, and to steal shamelessly from Suzanne Collins, “May the odds be forever in your favor!”

3 responses to “The SHARA giveaway”

  1. I hope i am doing this right , had knee surgery , thats why I havent commented on anything lately , i am standing up now trying to do this properly >helppppppp smiles , you know i have been you Fan forever 🙂 ..Will try this , great contest 🙂

    1. You did it right. Thank you! I hope you’re recovering well from the knee surgery.

  2. Beautiful cover – I’m in!

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