Das ist gut!

After Obsession, the young adult novel I wrote with Carrie Jones (released in the U.S. in Sept. 2011) is now available in German.

german ao

I really like this cover!

To mark the German-language release, Darkstars Fantasy News has published a brand new interview with me and Carrie. You can read it here.

Or you can read it here in German.

They’ve also published a review of the novel, which is only available in German.

I don’t know enough German to read the review. I can pick out words here and there based on my one semester of the language way back in my undergraduate days. So naturally I used Google Translator to see what it says. And, naturally, not all words translate well. Here’s a little sampling:

Nevertheless, in my opinion, is worth " Spirit - You belong to me " . The approximately 410 pages read off as nothing , and the atmosphere and the characters are great - a perfect book for in-between and a little scary manicured . Especially when it's raining outside or smelled

There ya go. If it smells outside, this book is perfect! haha I’ll have to ask someone to give me a more accurate translation of that line, at least.

After Obsession is still available in American English, as well as British English and also in French.

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