Collaboration deal with Tor

I can finally make this announcement! Carrie Jones and I have sold our second collaboration to Tor Teen. I’m very excited about his. Here’s the official announcement that appeared in Publisher’s Weekly today:

Melissa Frain at Tor Teen has acquired two teen SF thrillers by Carrie Jones, as well as a YA horror novel that she will co-author with Steven E. Wedel. In the as-yet-untitled collaboration, told from alternating perspectives, Chrystal is no stranger to the unexplainable, and when she moves to Oklahoma she must join forces with local teen Logan to protect their small farming town from whatever/whoever has been terrorizing it. Publication is planned for 2014. Edward Necarsulmer IV at McIntosh & Otis negotiated the deal for North American rights.

Many congrats to Carrie for her two-book solo deal. I don’t know what she has planned, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

Here’s a big public thank you to Edward Necarsulmer and to Melissa Frain, who has already proven to be a real pleasure to work with.

I’ll post updates as the project moves along.

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