Another Gift of Lycanthropy

As Nadia’s Children, the latest novel in The Werewolf Saga, nears release I’d like to give you, readers, the Gift of Lycanthropy to get you ready for this latest installment. To do that, I’m offering the Kindle e-book editions of both Shara and Ulrik absolutely free today and Monday.*

Remember, this is the MoonHowler Press edition of each, which includes about 10,000 words of Shara that have never been available before. Ulrik includes a sampling of Nadia’s Children.

If you enjoy them and want to leave a review, that would be very kind of you. If you don’t enjoy them, pretend you never heard of them. haha

Here’s the link to get Shara for free. And here’s the link for Ulrik for free.

Look for Nadia’s Children within the next couple of weeks!

I’m sorry I can’t offer Murdered by Human Wolves for free. That title is currently not in my control. However, you can buy the Kindle edition here for just $3.99. Think of it as a buy one get two free deal.

*With any luck the delayed publishing of this post will coincide with the time Amazon begins the promotion…

One response to “Another Gift of Lycanthropy”

  1. Absolutely wonderful! You are so kind!

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