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  • Prometheus Syndrome Available Now

    Josh Cooper has always had trouble managing his anger. His rockabilly band in Florida went through so many personnel changes that finally Josh’s best friend, Tony “Boozer” Curtis,¬†called it quits and moved to Nashville. But then Josh got a call from Boozer, asking if he’d like to join him in Nashville for a fresh start, […]

  • Fast zombies for slow minds

    Me and the wife watched¬†World War Z last weekend. I love a good zombie movie. So naturally most of the details of this one have already slipped my mind. No, it wasn’t good. Worse, it made me think about the state of our culture, as reflected in zombie movies, of course. In the old days, […]

  • Free Ebook Short Story Collections

    This weekend only MoonHowler Press is offering my Kindle short story story collections for free through Amazon.com. This is in an effort to drum up some reviews and sort of launch the books. You don’t have to review to get the freebies. Nor do you have to have a Kindle; there’s an app for that […]