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  • My Indie Publishing Rebirth

    Sometime back Facebook’s Timehop feature showed me I’d posted about how many words I’d written that day on a young adult novel called Afterlife. The original post was four years old. I reposted it with a caption about how the book still wasn’t sold. Harvey Stanbrough, the man who once accepted my novella Inheritance for […]

  • Books of 2015: The Year of the Western

    I read 32 books this year, which happens to be the same number as last year. There were some really, really good books, and some stinkers. Some were re-reads for school, but most were first-timers. And the majority of the reading I did on my own seemed to be novels set in the Old West. […]

  • Halloween Giveaway

    Today through Halloween you can get the Kindle edition of my short story collection Unholy Womb and my novella Murdered by Human Wolves absolutely free at Amazon. I would appreciate an honest review, but even that isn’t necessary. Unholy Womb has one review that is very negative. Considering how the lead story has been copied in multiple places […]

  • What Grandpa Saw on Route 66

    The following is a story I wrote for my AP Literature class’s 4th quarter benchmark test this year. It makes allusions to every novel and play we read in class during the school year (except Fahrenheit 451, which I forgot to work in) and they had to answer questions to identify the source. How many […]

  • Review: Riddle-Master of Hed

    A long-time favorite, it had been at least 20 years since I’d traveled with Morgan from the farming island of Hed to see the High One in Erlenstar Mountain. This was one of those transformative books for me, a fantasy that made me think, made me want to look beyond the boundaries of what we […]

  • The Books of 2014

    My goal for 2014 was to read 30 books. I did that, plus three. Of those, I only gave a 1-star review to one title, with everything else getting at least three stars. That’s a pretty good year of reading. I thought I’d recap the highlights here, as I tend to do at the start […]

  • My AP Reading List

    For the first time since I began teaching AP English Literature and Composition back in 2008 my reading list is the same for two consecutive years. I’ve finally found a year-long schedule of longer works that I really enjoy, that are of high literary merit, and that the majority of my students don’t complain about […]

  • Books of 2013

    It’s become something of a tradition for me to wrap up a year writing about the books I read during the past 12 months. So, here’s the best and worst of the 30 titles I read in 2013*. Let’s start with the worst. The good news is there was nothing so bad that I gave […]

  • Open Letter to My Students, Past, Present, Future

    I suppose every teacher faces the question, “Why do we have to learn this stuff?” Lord knows I asked it enough when it came to math. I get it a few times each year in my English classes, especially regarding the literature we read. I’d like to answer the question here. History, science, and yes, […]

  • Free Ebook Short Story Collections

    This weekend only MoonHowler Press is offering my Kindle short story story collections for free through Amazon.com. This is in an effort to drum up some reviews and sort of launch the books. You don’t have to review to get the freebies. Nor do you have to have a Kindle; there’s an app for that […]