Werewolves on hiatus

It was with much reluctance and sorrow that I sent a letter to the owner of Scrybe Press last week withdrawing all my titles from that company. I think the publisher is a nice guy. I don’t think there was any malicious intent on either side in the events that led up to the termination of our agreement. However, there were unfulfilled elements of the contract that made me determine it would be in my best interest to end our long-standing relationship prior to submitting Nadia’s Children for publication.

So, what it means for you, exalted reader, is that The Werewolf Saga will go out of print immediately. I’m pretty sad about this, really. I don’t like change. It also means more work for me as I try to determine my next move with the series. Will another small press pick it up? Will I resort to self publishing? I can’t say yet, but the books will reappear somewhere, in some format, and you will get to read Nadia’s Children.

Some of you may be asking, “You have an agent now. Why doesn’t he resell the series to a big publisher?” Well, a lot of that has to do with the fact so many volumes have already been published. The market, perhaps, has been diluted, which reduces the interest of a major publisher willing to spend enough money on the series to make it worthwhile to use an agent. There’s also the “artistic” aspect of it all. The Werewolf Saga is my baby, my Lord of the Rings, and a major publisher may insist on changes I’m not willing to make.

The upside for you is that I’ll be thinking of some way(s) to get you interested in the new versions and reward you for your very long wait for the new book. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. What would you like to see? New forewords? Introductions? A free apocryphal volume offered electronically? New short stories about your favorite characters? Let me know.

The paperback version of Seven Days in Benevolence will also go out of print. The electronic version from Double Dragon eBooks is still available in multiple formats, though. Here’s a link to the Kindle, and one to the Nook, and another for Sony. Frankly, I think the e-book version is overpriced, but that’s outside of my control right now.

3 responses to “Werewolves on hiatus”

  1. Orbit Books picked up a series of novels previously published in e-book form and have enjoyed success with them and the newer volumes. Also Pocket Books and Crown have picked up small press titles and given them prominent placement on their own lists. It depends on your sales, your reviews and your prospects. Your agent may advise you on your best moves. Good luck.

  2. If anything during the downtime, you might could write little short stories. As long as you think this is best then you have my support. I hope everything works out! Good Luck Mr. Wedel πŸ™‚

  3. I have certainly been anticipating this book , although it is more important to me about your tribulations that you have to go through as you are a phenominal Author !: ) , I am sorry to hear this situation as you have worked to make this series finale for all your Fans…. Anyway it comes out , I will still buy it in any form as I have a kindle also .. I sincerely hope the best outcome for you Mr. Wedel

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