Two Book Updates

god of discord and othersI’ve made a couple of updates to two of my books that have been available for a while. The first is God of Discord and Other Weird Tales, which until very recently was only available as a Kindle e-book. It has a slightly revamped cover and is available in print for the first time. Also, the typos that were present in the original Kindle version have been fixed. Some of the stories in this collection have been previously available in my bigger collection, Darkscapes, but several are appearing in one of my own collections for the first time here.

Here’s a link to buy it from Amazon in print, electronic, or audio formats.

Next up is Two Oklahoma Ghost Stories, which was actually the first book published until my MoonHowler Press imprint. At that time I used one of CreateSpace’s stock covers, which did not represent the two stories at all but was the closest I could come to anything relevant among the choices offered. The current cover places images related to the original publications of the two novellas onto a background texture.

2 okiesThe stories themselves are Little Graveyard on the Prairie and Seven Days in Benevolence. The former was originally only available in a very limited hardcover from Bad Moon Books (BMB still controls the e-book rights to it), while the latter was a paperback from doomed Scrybe Press, with the e-book available from Double Dragon Publishing; I reclaimed both print and e-book rights to those.

Here’s a link to buy it at Amazon. (As of the writing of this blog the Amazon listing is still showing the old cover.)

Now, here’s my question to you: Should I go ahead and re-release Seven Days in Benevolence and Little Graveyard on the Prairie as separate novellas under the MoonHowler Press imprint, or is this double book priced at $9.99 enough? Separately I’d price them at about $5 each.

I thought about killing off the Two Oklahoma Ghost Stories collection to re-release the solo novellas, but the collection has it’s own ISBN and it’d never really go away from my CreateSpace dashboard, so I kept it and just updated the cover.

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