News on 3 fronts

I finally have some new publication news. I guess I’ll list it chronologically, beginning with the one coming first.

Little Graveyard on the Prairie will be available by May 31 as an audiobook, narrated by Ted Brooks, published through’s ACX program. This will be my first audiobook, which would be exciting enough since I’ve become so addicted to audio, but when I heard Ted’s sample reading I was simply blown away. It’s going to be fantastic!

The Werewolf Saga books have been picked up by another genre publisher. I don’t want to release too many details now because I need something to talk about during my TV interview with KSBI on May 18. It’s a publisher I’ve worked with before, though. He has some interesting ideas for re-introducing the books. This pick-up of the Saga includes the new book, Nadia’s Children. The plan is to begin re-releasing this summer.

After a few bumps in the road, Amara’s Prayer is back on track with Bad Moon Books and is currently slated for a November 2012 release. It’s going to be so nice to see this book published … only eight years after I defended it as my graduate thesis. haha

Oh! One more piece of news, but this one isn’t about me. Carrie Jones’s Endure, the final installment in her Need series about pixies, hit stores today. You want to read this series! Come on, Carrie has a teenager, plus dogs and cats to feed.

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