Category: Influences

  • 3 New Books for June

    I’ve been busy since school let out less than a month ago. I’ve edited two books and published them, plus one more. All of them are outside my usual genre. Now it’s time to promote them and try to convince you to buy them. First up is A Light Beyond. This is one I imagined several […]

  • Christmas. Enid, OK. 1970s.

    Christmas. The end of the year. It’s time to look back and be nostalgic, right? Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. But I didn’t grow up in the late 1940s like he did. My childhood was the psychedelic and disco-infused decade of the 1970s. Enid, Oklahoma, didn’t have big department stores downtown with windows full of […]

  • Libraries and librarians

    So, I finished up my library book tour yesterday in the nice little town of Blanchard, Okla. I had a good time at each stop and met some great readers (Heidi, Kyler, Lauryn), aspiring writers (Kimberly and Amanda), and some fantastic librarians each time. For the record, I suck at remembering names and have included […]