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  • Tips for Writing an Effective Book Review

    Book reviews are more than just an ego boost for authors. Your review – whether it’s a full-on critique or simply a rating – helps future readers determine whether or not to give that author’s work a chance.

  • Fate and Legacy

    Tonight I said a final farewell to the Western Heights High School Class of 2016.There has really only been one other time I was so reluctant to let go of a group of kids, and even then there weren’t as many that had come to be like family. The idea that I’m going to work […]

  • Scrivener Again

    The last time I wrote about this word processing program made especially for authors I’d imported an MS Word file for a book I was working on. I had an overall favorable opinion, but the newness of the program and the fact I’d begun in Word caused me to go back to the original program […]

  • Scrivener: Day 1

    I wrote my first novel on a Brother electronic typewriter that would show me nine characters on a little digital screen before they were committed to paper. From there I moved up to a Smith-Corona Electra XP typewriter, and then on to a Smith-Corona PWP3 word processor before getting my first computer. After upgrading that […]

  • Out of the Loop

    I have never been to a World Horror Convention. I’ve never been to WorldCon or Comic Con. Despite being an officer for three years and electronic newsletter editor for several more years than that, I never attended a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award ceremony. I’ve never been to NECon. Or DragonCon. The list could […]