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  • Books read in 2012

    I set a goal at Goodreads.com to read 25 books in 2012. I hit that goal pretty early on, so I bumped it up to 35 and finished the year with 37 books read. Or, as I prefer to think of it, 10,451 pages. That’s 3,325 more pages than I read with 17 books in […]

  • Horror World reviews Little Graveyard

    I almost forgot about this review at Horror World since I got to read it pretty far in advance. It’s a really nice one. Here’s a little snippet to entice you to read all of it. Oh yeah, and buy the book. Little Graveyard on the Prairie flat-out ground my soul into a fine powder […]

  • Fear Zone reviews Little Graveyard on the Prairie

    Greg Lamberson just let me know that Fear Zone’s review of Little Graveyard on the Prairie went live. Reviewer Norman L. Rubenstein offers a very detailed review that doesn’t give away the twist of the story. Here’s a little snippet of the review to get you going: … the novella is compelling and wonderfully written, […]

  • Horror World reviews Ulrik

    Horror World posted this review of Ulrik this month. Here’s a bit of what Ron Dickie had to say: Filled with action, intrigue and, oh yeah, werewolves, Ulrik continues to build upon the fascinating mythology Wedel created in Shara, showing the reader more of the Pack’s past and expanding upon Ulrik’s history. Wedel manages to […]

  • Double Whammy Reviews!

    Horror World was good to me this month. Ron "I Look Like Tim Curry and Need a Beer" Dickey wrote reviews for Seven Days in Benevolence and Ulrik. You can read all of both reviews by clicking on the link. Here are a couple of snippets to whet your appetite. "If you’re in the mood […]