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  • The Year of Horses and Porn

    It’s time for my 2016 year in review in terms of books I read. There are a lot of Westerns on the list. There’s also a lot of erotica. I swear, though, that stuff was for market research purposes. Honestly! I read 55 books last year. I don’t know if this is a personal record […]

  • Review: Norwegian by Night

    Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller My rating: 5 of 5 stars Norwegian by Night Wow! What to say about this book? How to define it, even? When I chose it I was just hoping for a decent read set in the land of the Vikings. A literary novel. I didn’t have high expectations. […]

  • Review: John Steinbeck Was Wrong About Oklahoma !

    John Steinbeck Was Wrong About Oklahoma ! by Bob Burke My rating: 1 of 5 stars Oklahoma City attorney Bob Burke continues 70+ years of ignorant knee-jerk reaction to John Steinbeck’s masterpiece work of literature. One wonders how Burke could ever win a court case if he prepares his cases like he does the “research” […]

  • Books of 2015: The Year of the Western

    I read 32 books this year, which happens to be the same number as last year. There were some really, really good books, and some stinkers. Some were re-reads for school, but most were first-timers. And the majority of the reading I did on my own seemed to be novels set in the Old West. […]