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  • Free Read: Sample Chapter of Amara’s Prayer

    Last week I posted the Prologue to my new novel, Amara’s Prayer, which will be released in August by Bad Moon Books. It will be available in trade paperback and e-book formats, plus a limited edition signed hardcover that will be available IF there are enough pre-orders for it. Time is running out very fast on […]

  • Pre-order Amara’s Prayer now

    I have waited a long, long time for this one. My novel Amara’s Prayer is currently up for pre-order at the Bad Moon Books’ site. Pre-orders are currently being taken for a very exclusive signed hardcover edition. The print run of this hardcover will be determined by the number of pre-orders taken. There will also be […]

  • Why horror?

    “Why do you write about ghosts and demons and werewolves and darkness?” This question comes up a lot. It’s been on my mind more than usual lately because of an incident at the school where a new teacher who was shown my classroom asked my daughter in front of her class if we worship the […]

  • Wraparound Dust Jacket

    The UPS man brought me a gift today. I had no idea what it was, as I wasn’t expecting anything, and the envelop he left behind was pretty thin. I tore it open and found anthrax. Just kidding! It was porn. No, wait! It was this: Okay, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Here’s what […]