Tag: Conventions

  • Married at a Con

    For those who don’t know, about a year ago I went through the incredibly easy process of becoming an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, and followed it up by registering with the State of Oklahoma so that I can actually perform weddings (and baptisms and funeral services). So far, though, I haven’t conducted a […]

  • ArmadilloCon 30

    First, just a reminder that I’ll be on Metal Crypt radio this Friday. This is a program done by the good folks at Skullvines Press. The show is recorded and will be on YouTube later. We’re gonna be talking about werewolves. It’ll be much fun. So, about ArmadilloCon. It’s next weekend, Aug. 15-17. I thought […]

  • Conestoga 12, Day 2 … going into 3

    Conestoga has never been this much fun before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a great con, but this year has been the best one I’ve ever attended. I’ve been in panels in the big rooms that were packed and standing room only. There are more big-name published authors here than ever before. Lots of […]