ArmadilloCon 30

First, just a reminder that I’ll be on Metal Crypt radio this Friday. This is a program done by the good folks at Skullvines Press. The show is recorded and will be on YouTube later. We’re gonna be talking about werewolves. It’ll be much fun.

So, about ArmadilloCon. It’s next weekend, Aug. 15-17. I thought I’d post my schedule here.

5 p.m.Oklahoma Weird vs. Texas Crazy — I’m not sure what exactly this’ll be about, but it sounds like fun. (And yes, I do plan to wear an OU hat or shirt.)


9 p.m.Bloodsucking Fiends: Vampires — Yes, I’m on a panel about those dirt-sleepers.
11 p.m.Reading — I don’t know what I’ll read. What would you want to hear?

1 p.m.Autographing — I’m paired with the author GoH and some other fine folks.

I’ll be heading for home right after the autographing. It’s about a six-hour drive, and I have to be back at work the next day. This is my first trip to Austin, so obviously it’s my first time to be at ArmadilloCon. People tell me it’s a great con and more literary than a lot of the others. I’m really looking forward to it. If it’s half as much fun as Conestoga 12 was it’ll be worth the trip.

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