Married at a Con

For those who don’t know, about a year ago I went through the incredibly easy process of becoming an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, and followed it up by registering with the State of Oklahoma so that I can actually perform weddings (and baptisms and funeral services). So far, though, I haven’t conducted a marriage ceremony. But I have this idea …

What if I was to dress in some kind of costume — I’m thinking a medieval friar’s robe, but in green instead of brown — and performed marriage ceremonies at the speculative fiction conventions I attend? I’ve roughed out a ceremony with Celtic-inspired vows that would offer something different than the traditional Christian church or justice-of-the-peace ceremony, with the other worldly flavor people want at cons.

Of course, I’m limited to Oklahoma. I wonder what I have to do to perform marriages in other states. Hmm.

I just don’t know if there would be a market for wedding ceremonies at a convention. Any thoughts on the matter?

One response to “Married at a Con”

  1. Ha! I’m betting there would be a market for that! The couple that cosplays together stays together.

    I just got back this weekend from a trip to Long Beach. Our company does credit processing, and I was assisting with a hospital fundraising event. By coincidence, our venue was right next door to the Long Beach ComiCon, which was going on at the same time. Our client was using the hotel lobby as part of its event–the whole thing was very chi-chi, black tie, silent auction, etc.

    But every now and then Darth Vader would swing through the lobby on his way to of from his room, and a well heeled donor would turn to me and say:

    “Is he with us?”

    “You better hope he is.”

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