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  • A Difference

    I went to a wedding today. It was my third wedding this year, the second that did not involve blood relation. It was also the second to involve my former students. Sitting there watching the bride as she zipped fingers across her eyebrows to push her hair aside just like she used to do in […]

  • A Wedding and Reflections

    My oldest son, Alex, got married to a wonderful young woman yesterday. There were many, many memorable moments during the ceremony and reception, not the least of which was the look in Mika’s eyes as she stood facing Alex before they said their vows. The love and happiness seemed to come off her in waves. […]

  • Married at a Con

    For those who don’t know, about a year ago I went through the incredibly easy process of becoming an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, and followed it up by registering with the State of Oklahoma so that I can actually perform weddings (and baptisms and funeral services). So far, though, I haven’t conducted a […]