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  • 3 New Books for June

    I’ve been busy since school let out less than a month ago. I’ve edited two books and published them, plus one more. All of them are outside my usual genre. Now it’s time to promote them and try to convince you to buy them. First up is A Light Beyond. This is one I imagined several […]

  • Catching Up

    It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Not much has happened that is newsworthy, really. The biggest thing is that Amara’s Prayer has finally been released. I got my contributor copies a few days ago. It looks amazing. I’m pretty nervous about the reception it’ll receive, it being my first full-length novel without […]

  • Old Friends: A post mostly about books

    I drove 21 miles for a used book today. The book cost $3.50. I’m sure the gas it took me to get to Second Chance Books and back cost me more than the book. I could have bought the book for a penny, plus $3.99 shipping, from Amazon. But I wanted it NOW! No, I […]

  • RIP Johnny Quarles

    My mom called the other day to give me a piece of bad news. Johnny Quarles died early Sunday morning. You likely haven’t heard of Johnny. He published his first novel, Brack, in the late 1980s. I went to his first booksigning and was wowed by the line of people snaking around inside Enid’s Oakwood […]