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  • Free Sample of Love Curse

    Here’s a PDF of the first two chapters of my new young adult horror novel Love Curse, coming June 7 from MoonHowler Press. It’s available for pre-order from Amazon (link in the PDF). Love Curse MHP 1-2 From the back cover … Keith’s mother is dead, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped trying to help […]

  • How to become a werewolf

    I get asked about this all the time. “How can I become a werewolf?” I’ve even had people ask me to bite them. If it had been Salma Hayek, I’d have been nibbling until … well, I’d still be nibbling. But it never is. Anyway, assuming werewolves exist outside the pages of books like mine […]

  • How to become a werewolf

    Last semester one of my students hounded me about how to become a werewolf. I assume he was joking, but who knows? He’s an odd duck, anyway. Nice kid, but his butt seemed to have some kind of allergy to the plastic desk seats. Anyhoo, in looking at my WordPress stats this morning I saw […]