How to become a werewolf

I get asked about this all the time. “How can I become a werewolf?” I’ve even had people ask me to bite them. If it had been Salma Hayek, I’d have been nibbling until … well, I’d still be nibbling. But it never is. Anyway, assuming werewolves exist outside the pages of books like mine or the movies, the easiest way would be to get yourself bitten. Failing that, there is another way (which was discussed in my novel Shara, by the way). Sadly, I didn’t record my source for these notes, and it’s been so long ago that I can’t remember where I got the information. But here it is:

The Greek writer Neuri wrote that people living north of the Black Sea, both Greeks and others, regularly turned into wolves for a few days each year. Neuri lived in the 5th century B.C.

To become a werewolf, one could wait until the night of the new moon, go to a lonely place, such as a desert or mountaintop, and, on a level spot, draw a chalk circle about seven feet in diameter. Then draw a smaller circle of about three feet inside the first circle. Build a fire in the center of the small circle, and hang an iron pot from an iron stand. These must be iron! Throw into the pot handfuls of three of the following: parsley, hemlock, henbane, saffron, aloe, poppyseed, opium, solanum, and asafetida. Then recite this spell:

Spirits of the deep

Who never sleep,

Be kind to me.

Spirits from the grave

Without a soul to save,

Be kind to me.

Spirits of the trees

That grow upon the leas,

Be kind to me.

Spirits of the air

Foul and dark, not fair,

Be kind to me.

Spirits of the dead

That glide with noiseless tread,

Be kind to me.

Wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!

Chosen of all the hateful hosts!

I pray you send hither,

Hither, hither,

That great gray shape that makes men shiver,

Shiver, shiver, shiver!

Come, come, come!

After saying the spell, one should rub themselves with lard or some other kind of animal fat mixed with camphor, anise, and opium. Tie on a belt made of wolf skin, and then kneel down inside the large circle, being careful to stay outside the small circle. Spirits will appear within the small circle and it/they will grant the power to become a werewolf.

10 responses to “How to become a werewolf”

  1. Aw, you should have had some fun with this. I would have come up with something real crazy, like:

    Jump off an overpass wearing nothing but a wolf pelt. You’ll die and come back as a werewolf.

    Then I’d watch the news headlines very carefully.

    1. You know that’s actually cruel to a lot of people out there. And why exactly are you here?

  2. Never thought I’d see this posted to the internet. Interesting. Great cover art work for the latest “Murdered by Human Wolves”!

  3. Don! How ya been? Glad you like the new art. Kirk Alberts did it; he’s done all the werewolf books. He’s fantastic.

  4. Just off-hand, I’d say the key component in that potion is the opium. Save some steps, toss everything else, just take the opium.


  5. is there an easier way for me to have thiis power because i have no way of doing this spell i have craved this gift since i was born please tell me is there any easier way…. i was thinking of try to make a deal with the devil or a demon please help me…

  6. lust of a wolf Avatar
    lust of a wolf

    I really hope that works i allways wanted to become a werewolf. I could give you my number and so i could talk to you about it that way

    1. Sorry, but I don’t give out my number. Also, please keep in mind I make no promises about this “spell.” Be careful out there!

  7. […] by sewedel One of the most popular pages on any of my Web sites is the one where I posted the spell on how to become a werewolf. I can especially see it spike when a popular new book or movie involving werewolves is set to come […]

  8. Is there an easier way for doing that I don’t live by a hill or mountain top and I don’t have any of those things in the list.

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