How to become a werewolf

Last semester one of my students hounded me about how to become a werewolf. I assume he was joking, but who knows? He’s an odd duck, anyway. Nice kid, but his butt seemed to have some kind of allergy to the plastic desk seats. Anyhoo, in looking at my WordPress stats this morning I saw that someone came to my site because s/he put into a search engine the phrase “how do i become a werewolf?” I get asked this question a lot.

So I decided to answer the question at The Werewolf Saga online. Yes, I have finally revealed the ancient, secret magical spell to transform yourself into a slavering beast.

I’ll see you in the forest …

21 responses to “How to become a werewolf”

  1. I saw that someone came to my site because s/he put into a search engine the phrase “how do i become a werewolf?”

    So you can track what key words bring people to your site? And I suppose that’s what lies behind this trend I’ve noticed of having a long list of words on the page that vaguely relate to the topic at hand, but are not part of sentences (or anything else?)

    I do like the part about his butt being allergic to the plastic seat – poor baby!

  2. I am a werewolf i was bitten by a wolf and i have drank water from a lake. And now I can change to a wolf at will.

    1. Jonothon Boutellier Avatar
      Jonothon Boutellier

      how did you transform into 1

      1. if u r one then come and tell us how to become on or come and bit us

        1. u turn by a bit right so come and bit me i want to be one and i will find a way to be one

          1. contact me at as the subject put werewolf that way ill know who its is and ill go to u or u come to me put i want u to transform me im smart obedient loyal and i follow orders so u can make ur own pack and be an alpha werewolf

            1. i need these abilities to make my dream a reality and if u help me ill be forever at ur service so plz help me make my dream come too by transforming me into a werewolf i need ur help

      2. Look i want to be werewolf. If u find or know who can change please contact with me at email me

    2. Is it really true ? Can you really turn into a werewolf?

    3. wow u for real dude ur awesum!

    4. I want to become a lycan be bite me email is

    5. i want be werewolf email is

  3. i have always wanted to be one but dont no hou can you let me no

  4. i always wanted to become a werewolf and phase back to human form.if any1 knows how 2 can u please tell me how by contacting me at please and thank u!

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  6. what if i just want a wolf’s muzzle ears tail and fur? if that happens, i will be so happy!

    1. Try skipping every third stanza. 😉

  7. So what is that turns you into a werewolf then?

  8. hi im richard paul i wish to become a werewolf can u please tell me how do do this i can be reached on my email which is

  9. hi my name isfaiu i also want become a werewolf plz send me the spell on my id

  10. I need help really bad I want to become a werewolf for personal reasons and I am willing to do anything to become one but I don’t wanna be one of those werewolfs that walk on 2 legs I want to be able to transform into a werewolf and have control over my form and I don’t wanna become one just because of twilight or teen wolf or any other shows like that iv wanted to be one ever since I was 9 please some one HELP ME PLEASE im willing to do anything my email is

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