Summer tour begins this weekend

I’m hoping to see and meet a lot of new people this summer as I attend a couple of conventions and speak at several libraries. The first stop is three days at SoonerCon beginning this Friday. Here my SoonerCon schedule:

Friday 3PM Legacy of the Silver Scream:  The Horror Film, Then and Now
Friday 4PM Timeless Youth:  What’s New In YA and Why SF/F Needs This Section of Book Stores
Friday 9PM Late Night Ghost Story/Horror Readings    
Saturday 1PM Zombies vs. Vampires vs. Werewolves:  The Fans Have Spoken!
Saturday 5PM Modern Mythos:  The Role of Fantasy in Popular Culture
Sunday 11AM The Carrot-Based Economy:  Why the Time is Now!

Next week I’ll be at the Midwest City Library on Thursday evening.


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