Jeanne Stein interview

I’ve been drowning in snot and work. The weather changed here for a couple of days and almost everyone I know is fighting off some degree of a cold.

That’s why I’m just now getting around to mentioning that I recently interviewed Jeanne Stein for Fang, Fur & Fey. Jeanne is a real sweetheart, and very funny. You should read her books. A big public THANK YOU to carriejones for posting the interview for me while I was at work, where LJ is blocked. Grrrr.

I have not touched The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date since hitting that 10,000 word mark. I’ve been grading student papers, and I’m about to get buried in 32 3,000-word short stories on Monday. Well, theoretically, anyway. Of course, some people will decide it’s okay to fail the course and won’t do the work, but still …

Last night I wrote the first of two new pieces that will go into the lettered edition of Little Graveyard on the Prairie. I just meant to get it started, but ended up writing the whole thing, a little over 1,500 words. I plan to knock off the other one, another short story, this weekend, too. Did I already mention that I got the artwork for the book? I did. The lettering isn’t done on the cover, so I’m not going to post it yet.

One response to “Jeanne Stein interview”

  1. Who’s the artist? I’d love it if you sent me the cover, I’ll keep it to myself.

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