Poll, reading, and controversy

Interesting results to the poll I posted last time. Styx got the most votes, with KISS coming in second, tied with write-in band Aerosmith. Most surprising, nobody wrote in a band I really hate. I guess ya’ll have good taste.

I’ll be doing a reading at Galileo’s Bar and Grill this Wednesday, Halloween, with Craig Wolf and Bev Hale. The joint’s at 3009 Paseo in OKC’s art district. We’ll each read a short piece, starting at about 9 p.m. Bev has agreed to this, so I think we can rope Craig into it. We’re going to show up early and write a brand new, created-on-the-spot round robin story to read together after our individual readings. It might be good. It might not. I figure if my students can do it, three published authors should be able to pull it off. Special thanks to

for arranging this show!

I hesitate to even mention this here, but I guess I will. People claiming to be relatives of Katherine Cross have surfaced and are unhappy about the publication of Murdered by Human Wolves. One of them e-mailed me and my publisher, and another has hit my message board with posts urging you not to buy the book, saying it’s all lies, etc. Those of you who have read the book know where I got my information. While I’d like to go into great detail with a public response, after talking with my publisher, we agreed he’ll respond via e-mail to the person who contacted us that way. I just wanted to acknowledge the potential controversy here, for those who may see it popping up on the board, or who knows where.

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