Who is the greatest American rock- n-roll band?

Musically, I have waxed nostalgic over the past couple of days and, thanks to YouTube, I’ve been watching videos of some of the bands I listened to non-stop back in the 1970s and ’80s. Let’s do a poll, shall we? I’ve limited this to American bands, which rules out Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin … you get the idea. For me, those came after these other bands, anyway.

I realize I put a “y” in REO Speedwagon, but I can’t find a way to edit the poll now.

16 responses to “Who is the greatest American rock- n-roll band?”

    1. Good choice, and a band I should have included.

  1. Creedence Clearwater Revival or Grand Funk Railroad

    1. Oh yeah, CCR. I was never a big fan of Grand Funk.

  2. I’d have to go with Aerosmith too.

  3. Speedywagon?? Heh.
    I saw REO Speedwagon recently, they can still rock. The new album isn’t bad.
    I’d like to vote for the Doors or Elvis Presley or Jimi Hendrix though.

  4. Oh, and I’m really glad Journey hasn’t received a single vote!

  5. The Alice Cooper Band 1969-1974

  6. What I like about Aerosmith is they are all original members. They broke up for a short time in the early eighties but for most of nearly 40 years, it’s been the same five guys. I think that’s pretty cool, and pretty unheard of. I don’t like that they’ve been so omni-present in recent years. Super Bowls, roller-coasters, cell phone commercials, hot sauce… but I think their first five albums in the 70s are very good.
    Hey Steve, The Cult is playing the Diamond Ballroom Friday the 26th if you’re interested in going. Let me know.

    1. Well, I was interested, but my checkbook said no. How was it?

      1. It was effin’ loud is how it was.

  7. gag
    Take freakin Bob Seger outta that list. That’s like saying McDonald’s has the best hamburgers ever made.

    1. Re: gag
      Hey! You take that back! Bob had some great songs once upon a time.

      1. Re: gag
        McDonalds has some tasty food, but that doesn’t mean any of it is good. 😛

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