My eyes!

I’ve graded everything I brought home. And I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. The three core classes actually did pretty well on the benchmark essays where they simply came in, got the prompt and spent the class period writing. What was so frustrating was the overall sloppiness of the persuasive essay my two English III classes worked on for two weeks. Proofreading? Hello! My favorite was the guy who used a lot of big words he didn’t know the meaning of. Too bad for him that I did, and that they didn’t fit his sentences. (Actually, my favorite was the guy who just turned in his rough draft with my notes still on it; that one was the easiest to grade.)

Anyway, it took me almost all weekend and I pulled out much hair in frustration, but it’s done.

Looking at my rosters for next block, it looks like I’ll lose about 10 kids from my English II class. That will be nice. The class is too big, and too many of the kids need individual help I simply haven’t been able to give them. And some are just troublemakers who need constant supervision. Sophomores are so … sophomoric. haha

It was a great weekend for football. All my teams won, from high school to pro, and Dallas lost. How about that Adrian Peterson show? Now, if Tarvaris Jackson would just learn to aim the ball the Vikings would be in business.

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