For the record, I have never masturbated to a picture of Barbara Boxer. Ewwwww. The mere thought makes me shudder.

That said, Brian Keene’s earlier post today got me to thinking about how I’ve been spending spring break. A week off, and I’ve spent way too much time on message boards, tinkering with my new Web site look, browsing Amazon and eBay, etc. Doing everything but writing. I mean, yeah, I wrote a magazine article, did an interview and the newsletter for Horror World, but not much else.

I usually stay out of the political threads on the message boards. Usually. But not always. Seeing Keene call me out, though, even knowing he was more or less joking, then seeing how he went on to talk about what’s required to “sit at the table” made me think about how much time I waste when I could be writing. So I closed the browser, closed the e-mail, and got busy.

I revised the comic script for “Summer Offspring,” cutting it down to a manageable size and sending it to the artist who was interested in it. Then I finished the first draft of the short story currently still titled “Randy the Redneck Werewolf.” Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s very good. One of those things that seemed like a good idea, but just didn’t come off on the page. I’ll let it cool for a few days, then see if it’s salvageable.

So, finally, thanks to Keene’s kick in the ass, I got some work done. I wonder if I could get him to kick me every day. Hmm.

One more writing thing … Huge congratulations to Gord Rollo, who just announced his mass market contract with Leisure Books. You’ll remember that Gord wrote the introduction to the Scrybe edition of Shara. He’s a real stand-up guy, an excellent writer, and very deserving of this deal. His book, Jigsaw, will be out in the spring of 2008. Be on the lookout for it.

I actually had to mow the back yard today. It’s not even April yet. Neighbors had been mowing for a couple of days. I would have done it earlier, but I needed to get gas for the mower. Mowing in March. That ain’t right.

7 responses to “Productivity”

  1. I dunno. This week I wrote a synopsis/pitch for a screenplay which I’ve apparently been hired to write and burned candles at both ends planning the production I’m shooting with G and Marcy in…oh, 7.5 hours. I guess one could say I was this productive because I wasn’t arguing politics with you; but if that’s the case, why haven’t I been this productive every week in the last 6 months? I also didn’t waste any time worrying about the Unspeakable One or Shocklines. Everyone wastes time on something.

    1. Eh, usually my time is wasted with Madden Football. You know, where the Vikings win the Super Bowl pretty much every season.
      How’d the shoot go, commie? haha

  2. ~I mean, yeah, I wrote a magazine article, did an interview and the newsletter for Horror World, but not much else.~~
    And I luvs you for it! 😉

    1. Ah, you’re easy to please. And you pay me for it. 😉
      Did you get the review, too?

      1. Yes I did – thank you much!

  3. “Mowing in March. That ain’t right.”
    Neither is watering your house, but I’ve stopped trying to figure y’all out down there. 😉

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