A storm, or something less?

The difference between a brainstorm and a brain fart is the amount of wind produced, right? Put out the windsock and let’s see what we’ve got.

While watching The Simpsons this evening FOX showed the one where the young ladies are doing a live cam show in Flanders’ spare bedroom. Their Web site name, http://www.sexyslumberparty.com is taken, but there are several similar names available. So, I was thinking, what if  there was a “slumber party” cam show where scantily clad young women were reading my books but they couldn’t stop hitting each other with pillows every few minutes?

Two of my favorite things, combined. Sex and horror. I’m not sure they’ve ever been used together before.

Then logic kicked in. Duh. I only have four books in print. Oh, and the girls might want to get paid for their efforts. So I could recruit a few other writers and we’d rotate books. Then we might need a place. I doubt Kim would let me donate our bedroom for a cam show playpen. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it.

So, we’d need to develop the site, hire the girls and rent a place. Oh, and buy some cameras. Advertise? Eh, the perverts have a way of finding these things. Or, um … so I’ve heard. Who’s in?

Of course, the biggest flaw is that I’m not likely to see any money from the increased sales since my publishers haven’t paid up and aren’t answering e-mail.

6 responses to “A storm, or something less?”

  1. See…this is why you write horror…you watch that episode and your brain goes to a really weird place.
    I have a foam pillow. It is extremely heavy (we’re talking in the 10 pound range) and is old enough to be 95% dust mites. Just saying, in case you need extra fodder for disgusting story sub-plots.
    Sorry about the publisher thing….bums!

    1. Hmm. Nubile young co-eds beating one another to bloody pulps with 10-pound, dust-mite filled pillows. Somebody call Uwe Boll!

      1. Well, I guess using the dust mite angle would be a bit slow for film…perhaps the pillows could be filled with….um….fire-ants? instead.
        (See, this is why I don’t write horror…I just don’t have a feel for it.)

  2. flash back to a party over at my place , two alterintive girls were dueling with my light sabers ( yes Steve Im a geek ) anyway i had the idea back then to film the duals with them in bikinis and post it on a pay per view, but add the literature angel and boom a pseudo porn site that i won’t feel creepy about.wow think about it horror , poetry, and quantum physics with nearly naked chicks . lets set it up !!

  3. I’ll fluff the pillows.

  4. I’ll chip in the bedroom.

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