Cabin fever

Oh dear Lord, please take away this friggin’ ice so my kids can go back to school … before I pinch their heads off.

School was out again today. And it’s closed tomorrow. The kids are out. I’m off work. We’ll all be stuck in teh house together. Again. They’re bored, picking on each other, getting in trouble, eating everything that can’t run away, and driving me nucking futs. I cannot begin to count the number of times Air Buddies has been put into the DVD player this week. I hate that movie.

We finally got a little bit of melting today. Of course, it’ll all refreeze tonight. It’s supposed to start snowing tomorrow. Reports vary on how much to expect. Some say 3-6 inches, others say 5-10 inches. That’s sure to be fun.

Remember the great puppy debate from last spring? Sara finally got her puppy, ya know. Yesterday she gave the dog to her best friend. Daisy, the dog, destroyed the back yard. We have massive holes all over the yard. She ate the screen off the back door, ate toys, dominated the other dog and, finally, learned to jump the fence. It’s sad, really. Daisy could be a sweet dog. She loved attention, but she seldom got it. Sara wouldn’t walk her, saying she’d wanted a little house dog. Yeah, right. I don’t have any use for those little yappy mutts. I’d have argued against giving Daisy away, but the fence jumping was just too much. Sara’s friend is keeping her in the house mostly. Hopefully that’ll work out for everyone.

I finished the first draft of that comic script. Now I’m going back and editing. I had too much dialogue in some frames. After I fix that I’ll have to figure out if the script itself is too long. I think it’s nine pages, but I may have too many frames per page, too.

Time to bathe kids and get them ready for bed. Woohoo.

3 responses to “Cabin fever”

  1. Family quality time! My in-laws have a yapper-poodle puppy, which we dog-sat for a week anda half. What a nigthmare…

  2. I had the brilliant idea of getting an English Bulldog several years ago. To live with me in 500 sq ft apartment! Upstairs!
    The biggest problem I had was walking Rufus, because I had to carry him back upstairs. If I didn’t, he’d wear himself out climbing the stairs, drink three gallons of water upon his return inside, and immediately have to go back out again.
    He went on to a better (inside/outside) home shortly thereafter, and I got a fish tank.

  3. “before I pinch their heads off.”
    Now THERE’S a visual!! LMAO!

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