Ugly children

Wow. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky. Since Shara was first published in 2003, I’ve never really had a bad review. It seems everyone either liked the book, or just didn’t say anything about it. Until a couple of days ago. An Amazon reviewer really disliked my little novel. It really is like having someone tell you your kid is ugly. But, somehow, it makes me feel more legitimate. Authors with more popular books get their fair share of bad Amazon reviews.

It isn’t snowing yet. The forecast has changed a little. The snow is still supposed to start tonight, and we may still get as much, but now they’re saying it’ll be compacted into a shorter time.

How do you kill five rats with one trap? Catch the mama rat in the trap and the young’uns will come looking for her and freeze to death. A while back a neighbor tore down his shed because it was infested with rats. The rats dispersed themselves throughout the neighborhood. I bought poison today in case there are more in our back yard. Nasty bastards.

3 responses to “Ugly children”

  1. That Amazon reviewer may not have given you any blurbs, but he still gave you 3 stars, which I think is pretty good. To be honest, I’d pay more attention to a 3 star review than a perfect 5-out-of-5 star review.
    You know my reasons for avoiding you wolf tales, but is this a regular sized paperback or a trade?

    1. Ah, actually, she gave me one star. I had a previous reviewer give me five stars, so she brought the average down to three.
      SHARA is a trade paperback from Scrybe Press. With any luck, someday it’ll be a regular sized paperback. It’s been sent to a man who could make that happen.
      All this snow and ice we’re having makes me think of a certain snowy bridge, an angry teenager driving an old Cutlass and a stoner choking him from the back seat. I can’t wait to see that one published. πŸ˜‰

  2. i guess a little crticism, does make it more ligitimate. Kinda says a wider market might be reading it, too. πŸ™‚

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