Schooooool’s out!

Ah, being a teacher is paying off. I’m off work today because of MLK Day. I got a call from a vice principal telling me Western  Heights is closed tomorrow. Woohoo! Then we learned my kids’ schools are closed tomorrow, too. Another day of cabin fever. Well, another day to get some stuff done at home, anyway.

Today I finished a freelance article, prepared and mailed two novel submissions, dealt with more HWA stuff, and mailed the T-shirts for the Gift of Lycanthropy contest. Yes, finally. Not a bad day’s work.

So, the news is out. Thomas Harris, author of The Silence of the Lambs, was named the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the HWA. Naturally, it sparked a controversy in the online horror community. Sometimes I think the Internet exists only so people can argue from behind a keyboard. Get over it. Harris’s books evoke fear. That’s enough. Besides, I already had this discussion with J. Madison Davis during the preparation of my thesis.

Seems I had something else to say, but it seems to have slipped my mind. So, just wish me luck on the submissions. Amara’s Prayer, The Prometheus Syndrome and Shara/Ulrik are all in the mail or being looked at by someone.

2 responses to “Schooooool’s out!”

  1. Sometimes I think the Internet exists only so people can argue from behind a keyboard.
    And I think Thomas Harris is a fine choice. Better than Michael Moorcock. That one I didn’t quite understand since he’s considered more of a fantasy/sci-fi writer, but I didn’t waste any energy arguing about it.

  2. Novels out
    Good luck on the books! Here’s to a novel-acceptance filled 2007 for both of us! Stay warm!

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