The white death

The ice came down yesterday, but the world did not end. What does this prove? That television “news” people are soulless vultures hoping for a carcass to feed upon. For days we were told to stock up on food, to expect to be without power for days and days, that we’d be covered in two inches of solid ice. <yawn> It’s nasty, and very cold, but the earth is still rotating and still spinning around the sun. And Okies are still able to drive on the roadways, to boot.

What the weather did do, however, was completely screw up my first day with my remedial English class. About half the class was absent at the beginning of the period. The entire period was a constant stream of interruptions as the secretary called over the intercom for more students to be checked out. I ended up with about six kids. So Tuesday I have go over classroom procedures again, instead of getting right into the lessons. Worse, the kids who were there yesterday now have an expectation of near chaos because it was impossible to keep order during the announcements.

The weekend so far hasn’t gone as expected, either. Lots of work to do, but the day so far has been devoted to HWA stuff. The Lifetime Achievement Award winner has been chosen. You’ll recognize the name. A press release should be available soon at

Well, before the weekend is over I’ll be mailing out lots of stuff, including the T-shirts owed to the December contest winners. Amara’s Prayer, The Prometheus Syndrome, Shara and Ulrik will all be going out to different publishers, too. Yes, I said Shara and Ulrik. It could be years before Scrybe gets around to publishing Ulrik, and even longer before I see a royalty statement or payment from the company for books currently available. I know where all these except The Prometheus Syndrome will go.

Then I need to find paying publishers that may be interested in “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs” and “Dead Betty.” Something about dark erotic humor seems to turn off most publishes.

Time to cook dinner.

3 responses to “The white death”

  1. I like the LAA choice, Steve. If you rigged this vote, I salute you!

  2. I got out and around with no problems at all. And to race a toy car, which is about as trivial reason as you could have to leave the house.
    I didn’t have a single problem, and I drive a little pickup with no weight on the back axle.
    What bothered me most about the local news this week was the fact they insisted on putting up the huge Oklahoma map graphic, the one that takes up half the screen, with ice warnings all over it, when it was still sixty degrees outside.

  3. On the other hand
    I worked massive overtime this weekend because what we got as sleet here was freezing rain in Muskogee and surrounding environs. And it’s very, very bad there. As of today (mid-day Wednesday) we still have about 16,000 customers out. Muskogee lost three of four major transmission lines, and folks I talked to said it sounded like the Fourth of July outside, with branches cracking like strings of firecrackers.
    So, yeah, we got off light here in Oklahoma City. This time. But it could very easily have been what Muskogee got, and it would have been nasty.
    And Steve, I LOVED them there nekkid nymphs. Somebody will fork over some dough.

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